Due to the precautionary conditions due to the Corona crisis.. The period may be prolonged due to daily changes and unusual pressure on shipping companies. We appreciate your understanding and may God lift the affliction and epidemic from us soon, God willing.


Shipping and Delivery:

Our goal is to facilitate gift delivery and provide the best shopping experience, Therefore, we have made the delivery process easier for you because your comfort is our priority.

All orders are shipped from our warehouses in Egypt. We also have regional representative offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Shipping is available to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the countries of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


In cooperation with SMSA Express


Payment options:

To facilitate the purchasing process for all our customers, We provide you with different payment methods and means. All you have to do is choose the payment method that suits you most and then complete the purchase.

  1. Cash on Delivery
  2. Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro

You can pay the value of the order by credit card, whether Visa or MasterCard, with ease and security. At E-Fonoon Store, we are keen to provide a 100% safe and comprehensive shopping experience, including various payment methods and credit cards, in cooperation with the largest electronic payment service providers globally (the American Strip Company).

E-Fonoon Payment methods


We provide you with payment in US dollars or Saudi riyals, and payment in euros and pounds sterling will be provided soon.


Shipping and handling fees are:

Shipping price in US dollars Shipping price in Saudi Riyals Delivery time
Arab Gulf States

13 $

49 SAR

Free on orders worth 600 SAR

Within 3-7 working days
Europe and United Kingdom

59 $

222 SAR

Within 5-10 working days
United State 69 $ 260 SAR

Within 7-15 working days

It includes the following:

  1. Shop and buy products available on our site from suppliers in the country of manufacture – does not include the cost of custom-made.
  2. Gift wrapping service in a professional manner and beautiful and distinctive packaging – and does not include the value of the packaging itself.
  3. Express air freight from the country of manufacture to the country of the recipient.
  4. Delivery of gifts to the customer or to the person to whom the gift is given.
  5. Returning products – except for the excluded – as mentioned in the return and exchange policy of the website.


Of course, you can order from anywhere in the world as long as the place of delivery is in one of the supported countries.

Please note that if you select Cash on Delivery as your payment method, there will be additional charges separate from the value of the order shipping fee.

We also have free shipping on orders of 600 Saudi riyals or more for orders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries.


Is there Express Delivery?

We ship all orders with fast air freight from Egypt through the international SMSA Express company at a fixed shipping price and without any additional fees, The delivery time is based on the time of the order, the selected products, and the delivery address.


When will I receive the request?

Delivery of the order takes between 3 to 15 working days, depending on the country and city, the clarity of the delivery address, and the response of the recipient, and it may take longer if the recipient does not respond to us or the shipping company. Note that your order from the site means approval of our use of shipping companies or representatives to deliver your order according to the city of the recipient.


To follow up on the status of the request

We will send you an email to the email you registered when completing the purchase process as soon as the shipment has been sent, containing the tracking number of your shipment

To track the shipment, you can access:

You can also enter your shipment tracking number via the shipping company’s website to track the shipment status directly.