You bought a gift from E-Fonoon store and would like to return or exchange it?

It is very simple and easy. All you have to do, is to send a message contains the order number and the products you want to exchange to:

Please make sure that the products you want to return, or exchange have not been used, as used or damaged products are in their original packaging (not gift wrapping) we will not be able to receive them as a returned merchandise.

You will be contacted to determine the earliest and most appropriate date to send a representative of the shipping company to collect the products.

After the products arrive at the company’s warehouses, we will make sure that they are safe from any defects.

The same value of the returned products will be refunded to your account as an e-credit or to your bank account, whatever you like.

You can use the electronic balance at any time you wish.


  1. Products excluded from returns: roses, chocolates, electronics – such as phones and watches – makeup, books, gift wrapping, and greeting cards (and any product that is perishable or has a short shelf life), plus shipping or delivery fees.
  2. You can return the products – except for the stated products above – within 7 days from the date you received the order.
  3. The return service is provided free of charge and without any additional charges.
  4. The electronic balance or money bank transfer will be sent within 7 working days after receiving the products.
  5. In case that the order was sent/shipped, either directly to you or to another recipient, and it was canceled before receiving the order, the shipment must be returned to us before refunding the amount due.
  6. In case that the recipient of the gift is contacted and informed that he will receive a gift from us, we will not be able to cancel the order.
  7. In case that the order was not received because the recipient or sender did not respond to the shipping company or to us for more than 7 days from the date of shipping the order, we have the right not to return the value of the order.